Program of the workshop:

Friday, 21  
9:15--09:45 Registration
9:45--10:00 Opening
10:00-10:40 Thomas Fernique (Paris) Flipping the Socolar-Taylor aperiodic tile.
10:45-11:25 Alexei Belov, Ilya Ivanov-Pogodaev (Moscow) Local rules for aperiodic hierarchical tilings and finitely presented nil-semigroups.
11:30-12:10 Nicolas Bedaride (Marseille) An example of substitutive tiling of the plane: Link with the Rauzy fractal. Slides.
12:10-12:35 Coffee break
12:35-13:15 Ivan Mitrofanov (Moscow) Periodicity of morphic sequences and some other algorithmic problems.
13:20-14:00 Nikolay Vereshchagin (Moscow) Tiling by right triangles.
14:00--15:00 LUNCH
15:00-15:40Alexander Knop (St.Petersburg) Diophantine hierarchy.
15:45-16:25Dmitry Shabanov (Moscow) Randomized algorithms for colorings of uniform hypergraphs with large girth and their applications in Ramsey Theory.
16:35-17:15Maksim Zhukovskii (Moscow) On the zero-one k-law and its extensions. Slides. (21 MiB)
17:20-18:00Guillaume Theyssier (Le Bourget-du-Lac) Lattice dimension, dynamics and complexity in symbolic space. Slides
Saturday, 22  
10:00-10:55Andre Scedrov (Philadelphia)Collaborative Systems (survey). Slides
11:00-11:40Vsevolod Oparin (St.Petersburg) Query complexity and local search problems. Slides.
11:40-12:00 Coffee break
12:00-12:40Dmitry Sokolov (St.Petersburg) Lower bounds on DPLL algorithms with splitting over linear functions on unsatisfiable formulas.
12:45-13:25Dmitry Itsykson (St.Petersburg) On short heuristic proofs on unsatisfiable formulas.
13:30--15:00 LUNCH AD LIBITUM
15:00-15:40Vladimir Podolskii (Moscow) The complexity of tropical polynomials and mean payoff games. Slides.
15:45-16:25Vladimir Vyugin (Moscow) Algorithimic aspects of probability laws.
16:35-17:15Mikhail Andreev, Akim Kumok (Moscow) Alpha-null sets: strong vs. weak. Slides.
17:20-18:00Arseniy Savin (Moscow) On total conditional complexity.
Sunday, 23  
10:00-11:40Konstantin Makarychev (Redmond) Balanced Cut: Beyond the Worst-Case Analysis (tutorial).
11:40-12:00 Coffee break
12:00-12:40Gregory Kucherov (Marne-la-Vallee) On real-time text indexing. Slides, the full paper.
12:45-13:25Maksim Babenko, Ignat Kolesnichenko, Tatyana Starikovskaya (Moscow) On Minimal and Maximal Suffixes of a Substring. Slides.
13:30--15:00 LUNCH AD LIBITUM
15:00-15:40Liudmila Ostroumova, Andrei Raigorodskii (Moscow) Preferential attachment models and their generalizations. Slides.
15:45-16:25Mikhail Dektyarev (Moscow) Circuit and garden-hose complexity.
16:35-17:15Andrei Goldberg, Ilya Razenshteyn, Ruslan Savchenko (Moscow) Separating Hierarchical and General Hub Labelings. Slides.
17:20-18:00Andrei Alpeev Kolmogorov complexity, entropy and dimension.
18:00 Closing